Attendo invests in the Talentsoft HR solution

Attendo chooses Talentsoft

Attendo, the leading Swedish company in care services is strengthening its operations in Sweden by investing in Talentsoft’s 100% cloud-based HR solution. Attendo’s managers will save a significant amount of time using Talentsoft’s HR solution.

Running a care services company like Attendo with 14,000 employees comes with its own set of challenges. New candidates are hired frequently, which requires a highly effective recruitment process. Regular employee development conversations must be held and competency requirements must be continuously monitored. Meanwhile, an excellent quality of care must be maintained on a daily basis. Until two years ago, all HR-related tasks were handled manually, putting further administrative pressure on Attendo’s managers.

With the help of the Talentsoft HR solution, managers can now send push notifications to all nurses when it’s time to attend their annual mandatory training. The nurses, in turn, can access and complete the training online on their mobile phones at home instead of at the office. Talentsoft also allows managers to see whether or not employees have completed their training.

Going from completely manual HR processes to a digital solution has been revolutionary.. In our industry, it is extremely important that all employees attend our mandatory training, allowing us to provide our customers with highly qualified personnel. Talentsoft’s HR solution ensures that all processes and guidelines are followed. This frees up an enormous amount of time for our managers to focus on other company challenges, explains Emma Lindqvist, Assistant HR Manager at Attendo.

Talentsoft’s HR tool provides a checklist that ensures, for example, all managers ask candidates for references during the recruitment process. Attendo’s managers also receive reminders about upcoming employee development conversations. The solution also has a feature that specifies any new skills that need to be acquired for a certain position. The challenges faced by Attendo in Sweden are also present at their other locations in the Nordic region. This is why Attendo plans to implement the Talentsoft HR solution in other locations in the near future.

It was important for Attendo to find a partner that offers a completely digital solution that centralises all its data. Talentsoft was happy to help them in their digital transformation journey. Now they can use our scalable and digital solution to integrate their HR processes in other locations in the Nordic region where they operate, says Allan Nygaard, Nordic Manager at Talentsoft.