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A new Hello Talent app to empower hiring managers


With a tightening labor market, companies today need to be able to move faster than ever when recruiting. One of the biggest issues preventing recruiters from moving quickly is how difficult it can be to engage hiring managers early in the process. To solve these challenges Hello Talent is releasing a unique mobile app where candidates can be reviewed in just the tap of a button.

screenshot hello talent mobile app“Ask any recruiter, and they will tell you how important hiring managers are in recruitment, but that it can be hard to get them involved,” says Christophe Pecquerie, Business Unit Manager at Hello Talent, “I know because I’m one of those hiring managers! We built this app to enable people like me to effortlessly review candidates and give feedback quickly.”

With an intuitive interface, the Hello Talent mobile app ensures that hiring managers no longer face any obstacles when it comes to working with recruiters and that recruiters are able to work faster and more effectively.

“Our web application already has tens of thousands of users,” Pecquerie says, “our goal with the mobile app is to ensure each of those users can take all the benefits of Hello Talent with them wherever they are. For instance, imagine being at a dinner party and meeting someone you’d like to recruit later. With the Hello Talent mobile app you can simply take a picture of their business card, or find them on social media and instantly store their details. You no longer have to wait to manage things from your computer.”

“The Hello Talent mobile app offers an enriched version of the web app with features that create a real mobile user experience.The synchronisation between the web and mobile apps enables users to switch from one to another and to find all the information on profiles and pools.”screenshot hello talent mobile app

Companies, such as Nisha Global, specialized in global headhunting and executive search, are already beginning to experience the benefits of the new app. “Recruitment can literally occur anywhere at any time, said Asaf Yaffe, Senior Executive Search Consultant at Nisha Global. “It’s great to have your Hello Talent data on the go, available on demand wherever you are.”

The mobile app is entirely free to use and is available on iOS and Android operating systems.